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IISEM Manual


IISEM, or IIS Express Manager is a portable Windows application. It allows you to conveniently manage your IIS Express sites as well as the services you have written.


There is no installation. Just download it, and double click on it to start it. It is that simple!


After double clicking on it, you will be introduced to a intuitive user interface, designed specifically for ease of use. You can start or stop website/wcp service by just double clicking on its name. You can also see the status, process ID, and the port where it is running.

Image of IISEM

Adding Site

By clicking on the file menu, you can add a site which will be hosted using IIS Express temporarily. To be implemented.

Editing Existing Site

You can edit existing sites which can be found from your IIS Express config file can be edited using this menu. To be implemented.


From here, you can get access to several facilities like refreshing IISEM manually to get site statuses updated, stopping all sites, reset its values so that it rechecks the IIS Config file for changes etc.


Contains about and help description. Not much, but self explanatory.

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